Las Vegas Holistic Concierge Pediatrician

Feel confident in your child's health.

Las Vegas Holistic Concierge Pediatrician

Feel confident in your child's health.

dr eileen shi

Get the quality care your child needs - when they need it.


More than anything, we long to protect our children from hurt, and illness.  As a holistic concierge Pediatrician and mother, I believe that every child and parent deserves: honesty, openness, respect, and compassion.

Little Roots Pediatrics is founded on these holistic principles. Your pediatrician should always be your child’s advocate and believe your child always comes first.

I help families on their wellness journey by integrating evidence-based concierge pediatric care with holistic health principles to provide the most up-to-date, direct-access pediatric care. 

Feel Heard & Cared for by your child's doctor.

Patient-Focused Quality Care

As a member, you can access quality pediatric care when your child needs it, avoiding hurried, impersonal visits when you need medical attention. Concierge care that is child-centered based on your challenges, strengths and goals.

Direct Access to your Doctor

Easy scheduling with caring medical staff. Same or next-day appointments and direct access to your doctor via cell, text, and email.

Personalized Attention

No rushed visits. Personalized, comprehensive assessments of both chronic and acute medical concerns from developmental and sicks visits with in-office rapid testings.

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Well-Child Exams

Routine check-ups, pre-procedure clearances, routine child vaccinations, developmental and nutritional growth assessments.

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Sick Child Exams

Comprehensive evaluation aimed at elucidating the root cause, in-house rapid testing for common infections, and treatment plans directed towards resolving the root of the problem.

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pediatrician home visits

House Calls

Choose a newborn baby membership package that includes house calls. All members can request a house call (additional fees may apply).

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Comprehensive Physicals

Examination and clearance for participation in school and sports activities, including anticipatory guidance on prevention and sports injury and rehabilitation.

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Holistic Approach

Become empowered by the tools and skills you can apply to your day-to-day interactions with your child, from home environment to sleep schedule to nutrition and physical activities. Healing and nurturing the whole child by strengthening your agency for health.

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pediatrician care

Coordination of Care

Have a doctor be your child's advocate by coordinating care with other specialists and services. Close and timely follow-up to ensure that your child is improving.

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child nutrition

Nutrition and Fitness

Create goals and personalized strategies for your child’s health based on our evaluation of physical activity and nutrition habits and constraints.

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Personalized Evaluations and Treatment Plans

Dr. Shi evaluates, tracks progress, and treats her pediatric patients with a multi-faceted approach that combines the latest in pediatrics and integrative medicine.

Mariah Lincoln
May 20, 2024

As first time parents, it was important to us that we found a pediatrician who would be there to support us through all our questions. We didn’t want to wait for hours in waiting rooms and decided concierge medicine was the way to go for our daughter. Although we have great insurance, we felt the monthly fee would be worth it. And it sure is! Dr. Shi is wonderful. She has answered after hour texts and calls and always makes time to see our daughter if we have any concerns (even for a diaper rash :). love the fact that we see her monthly this first year as our daughter is growing. We couldn’t recommend Dr. Shi more and we are so glad we found her.

Rory Cucchiara
April 20, 2024

Thank you so much Little Roots Pediatric and Tran Lyons for the time, knowledge, and care given to my grandson. I came to Las Vegas to help my son find the right pediatric care for his newborn. My first grandchild. Especially with them being first time parents this service sounded amazing but wasn’t sure exactly how it might go!!!! I was so amazed by the time Tran gave and the knowledge she gave!!!! Hard to put into words the experience we have had. But almost to good to be true….. but the time she devoted at our well visits and the responsiveness to our questions that come up later is simply the Best!!! Thank you Little Roots!!! If I could give 10 stars I would.

Miriam Ghebremicael
April 18, 2024

Dr. Shi is by far the BEST! She will give you undivided fully uninterrupted time explaining what's need to be done. My son has a really bad asthma and she has be an angel to my little one. We have avoided going to emergency room since Dr. Shi is there to answer all our questions and guiding us to what we need to do. Not only does she guide us to want medication to give, she educated us what to do to heal the the underline issue. I am VERY HAPPY with the service.

Sara Paialii
April 3, 2024

Dr Shi and Tran are the best! I am a first time mom and have the usual anxiety ridden days that first time moms have. It is nice to be able to text your doctor and get an answer pretty quickly to put your mind at ease. Definitely recommend!

How can integrative pediatric care transform your experience of healthcare?

Your child's health is more than skin deep. Our concierge pediatricians help you address the root of what your child needs to thrive. Through in-depth integrative pediatric health, we listen to your concerns, ask the questions that need to be asked, and provide a blueprint for your growing family to optimize your children's health.

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Ask Dr. Shi

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