Las Vegas Holistic Concierge Pediatrician

Feel confident in your child's health.

Las Vegas Holistic Concierge Pediatrician

Feel confident in your child's health.

dr eileen shi

Get the quality care your child needs - when they need it.


More than anything, we long to protect our children from hurt, and illness.  As a holistic concierge Pediatrician and mother, I believe that every child and parent deserves: honesty, openness, respect, and compassion.

Little Roots Pediatrics is founded on these holistic principles. Your pediatrician should always be your child’s advocate and believe your child always comes first.

I help families on their wellness journey by integrating evidence-based concierge pediatric care with holistic health principles to provide the most up-to-date, direct-access pediatric care. 

Feel Heard & Cared for by your child's doctor.

Patient-Focused Quality Care

As a member, you can access quality pediatric care when your child needs it, avoiding hurried, impersonal visits when you need medical attention. Concierge care that is child-centered based on your challenges, strengths and goals.

Direct Access to your Doctor

Easy scheduling with caring medical staff. Same or next-day appointments and direct access to your doctor via cell, text, and email.

Personalized Attention

No rushed visits. Personalized, comprehensive assessments of both chronic and acute medical concerns from developmental and sicks visits with in-office rapid testings.

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Well-Child Exams

Routine check-ups, pre-procedure clearances, routine child vaccinations, developmental and nutritional growth assessments.

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pediatrician children

Sick Child Exams

Comprehensive evaluation aimed at elucidating the root cause, in-house rapid testing for common infections, and treatment plans directed towards resolving the root of the problem.

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pediatrician home visits

House Calls

Choose a newborn baby membership package that includes house calls. All members can request a house call (additional fees may apply).

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Comprehensive Physicals

Examination and clearance for participation in school and sports activities, including anticipatory guidance on prevention and sports injury and rehabilitation.

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Holistic Approach

Become empowered by the tools and skills you can apply to your day-to-day interactions with your child, from home environment to sleep schedule to nutrition and physical activities. Healing and nurturing the whole child by strengthening your agency for health.

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pediatrician care

Coordination of Care

Have a doctor be your child's advocate by coordinating care with other specialists and services. Close and timely follow-up to ensure that your child is improving.

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child nutrition

Nutrition and Fitness

Create goals and personalized strategies for your child’s health based on our evaluation of physical activity and nutrition habits and constraints.

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Personalized Evaluations and Treatment Plans

Dr. Shi evaluates, tracks progress, and treats her pediatric patients with a multi-faceted approach that combines the latest in pediatrics and integrative medicine.

Alani Ergina
April 26, 2023

As first time parents, Dr. Shi is everything you could ever ask for. She’s great at communicating, educating and most of all caring for your little one! She takes the time to understand your concerns and builds trust. As most places often become only transactional, Dr. Shi and her practice truly care for their families. It’s above what all health care facilities should be! Would recommend over and over again.

March 5, 2023

Dr. Shi has been very helpful and knowledgeable whenever we have questions or concerns about our baby, even after hours.

March 1, 2023

Best pediatrician hands down !! dr shi very patient ,loving and caring ..I'm very thankful for her when I bring my daughter to see her ..she's not just trying to prescribe her something without getting to the ROOT cause of the problem! And I appreciate that!! I love the fact were not waiting long to see her when we have an appointment !! And its always so clean and sanitized. I mean I can go on and on.She just one of the best and worth every cent !! Thanks dr shi

Melanie Yang
February 19, 2023

Our family was referred to Dr. Shi by another doctor. We love how accessible Dr. Shi is. She is very thorough and kind. Whenever we have questions or concerns she’s just a text message away. Thank you Dr. Shi!

Ali DiVito
February 3, 2023

Dr. Shi is fantastic—easy to get in touch with, seamless and punctual scheduling, always accommodating, caring, and a great listener. We feel extremely lucky that my family found her. Top notch in care and quality. I’d recommend her to my best friend!

Lanna Esposito
January 21, 2023

Dr. Shi is the best and truly provides an amazing service for my family. She provides her patients personalized care, thorough evaluations, and a forum to discuss treatment options. No one size fits all, or overmedicating when you see her for a visit. She is patient and listens to concerns and questions and takes the time with you when you need to go into the office. Dr. Shi is also responsive when you reach out to her directly. She even responds quickly when she is out of town. I am so happy we found her! Going into the office is a wonderful experience even when going in for a sick visit. No feeling of dread, hassle, or office full of people waiting forever to be seen.

Miriam Salgado
January 5, 2023

We started going with Dr. Shi when our baby was first born and she has always been very thorough and patient answering all our questions with as much detail possible. Not only is she a great doctor but she’s also has a great personality with good vibes all around.

Alyssa Vivolo
January 2, 2023

Dr. Shi has been our saving grace! As first time parents we wanted a doctor that we knew would feel comfortable with and someone that personally knew our baby. She is so kind, helpful and always available. Our 9 month old was very sick with a cold over the holiday weekend and she still was able to answer all my questions, call me with advice, and talk to the ER doctors to give information on our daughter when we decided to go get her breathing checked. She is the greatest blessing and we will be using her for many, many years to come.

Alyssa Rolle
December 12, 2022

I am so thankful for Dr. Shi and her model of care! Her accessibility has saved me several times from having to take my kids to a busy and germ infested urgent care or ER. There are not many doctors like her willing to conduct home-visits and communicate with families via text whenever needed. She is sweet and gentle and even my shy 3 year old does great with her. Thank you Dr. Shi!

Elizabeth Holloway
November 30, 2022

Dr. Shi is our secret weapon, not just during cold and flu season, but all the time. She is like that first round draft pick for the NHL where you get the all star goalie that lets no virus pass! COVID put us through some trying times getting urgent care when we needed it, so we opted for direct access care. Dr. Shi responds with the quickness from the convenience of your phone or home computer with virtual visits. She has a wonderful bedside manner and will spend the time it takes to not just answer your questions but ensure she gets a holistic view about the wellbeing and development of your child. For us, her diagnosis history for both our kids has been spot on, so she's been quick to treat infections. We feel honored to have her as an advocate for the health of both of our children. We could never say "thank you" enough for her expertise and care. I only wish there were more doctors like her.

Kari B
October 19, 2022

We are beyond lucky to have found an amazing doctor, like Dr. Shi.. It is wonderful to be able to have a pleasant doctor visit, and have the doctor actually listen to you! She doesn’t push any unnecessary things on your child, I can reach her for any emergencies, and her holistic approach is refreshing! We gladly drive an hour just to see her and our three children love her.

Leah Pierce
October 18, 2022

I really appreciate the way Dr.Shi approaches medical care, and being able to easily contact your pediatrician outside of appointments is amazing! She’s very caring and knowledgeable, as a first time parent I was very nervous about the process of finding a good doctor for my baby but after meeting Dr.Shi I knew right away that I found the perfect one

sonia oo
September 6, 2022

Dr.Shi is a very good doctor, very patient and helpful. The office is also very nice. Our daughter has been seeing her since she was born.

Chanu Dasari, M.D.
June 21, 2022

Top notch pediatric care. She spends time to actually get to KNOW the kids and parents. She will try to find the root cause of issues, instead of just blindly treating symptoms. I have a lot of confidence in her pediatric expertise.

Abby Zilinski
May 16, 2022

I don’t even know where to begin with how much we love Dr. Shi! As first time parents, it was important to us that we find a doctor we trust with our son. Dr. Shi goes above and beyond not only during office visits but with answering a text or a phone call in no time, even on weekends. The peace of mind we have knowing our son is in her care is priceless!

Karissa Lynn
February 17, 2022

Dr. Shi is a wonderful pediatrician. As a first time Mom, I am so grateful to have found her & her model of care. The ability to have direct access to her is so convenient and personalized. She really get to know her patients and families.

February 1, 2022

Great doctor and easy to get a hold of. Recently our two year old fell and split open his chin. Of course this little accident happened after hours and needed to be looked at by a doctor. We called Dr. Shi and she met us at the clinic and had the wound cleaned and closed within an hour!!! She was very patient and gentle while caring for the laceration and my son always has full trust in her. Perhaps one of my favorite parts about having Dr. Shi as our children's doctor is her follow up. She always checks in on them afterwards to see how they are doing and had us back in the office a few days later to make sure the wound was healing.

Ej Barnes
October 7, 2021

Dr. Shi takes her time and answers all questions and she response quickly to all emails, phone calls and text messages. She is great with all 3 of are kids as they love her and they most importantly Dr. Shi is compassionate and cares. Dr. Shi is very informative and pays attention to our concerns when it comes to our children. I couldn’t be happier with anyone else as Dr. Shi has been my children’s pediatrician since they all were born.

Healthy Sunrise
August 19, 2021

Wonderful pediatrician who cares for her patients and also the community! Volunteered her time to educate young mom’s in the community on nutrition and other health topics during pregnancy and post pregnancy!

How can integrative pediatric care transform your experience of healthcare?

Your child's health is more than skin deep. Our concierge pediatricians help you address the root of what your child needs to thrive. Through in-depth integrative pediatric health, we listen to your concerns, ask the questions that need to be asked, and provide a blueprint for your growing family to optimize your children's health.

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Ask Dr. Shi

Check out the blog for helpful guidance on your child's health and development, including babies, growing children, and plenty of guidance on childhood nutrition to raise healthy, fit kids.