Asthma & Allergies

Asthma & Allergies

Dr Eileen Shi Las Vegas pediatrician

My approach to asthma & allergies

In pediatrics, cough and runny nose are the bread-and-butter of daily challenges.

However, not all coughs are asthma. Seasonal allergies, reflux, and even exercise can play a role. Seeing your child struggle with breathing or constant runny nose or cough can be heartbreaking.  Below you'll find helpful resources on allergies, asthma, and ways we might approach your child's care at Little Roots Pediatrics.

Dr Eileen Shi

Understand the signs and symptoms of asthma.


Prevention of common respiratory conditions and acute viral colds.


Support your child to breathe easier & enjoy an active life.

Las Vegas pediatric care for childhood asthma & allergies

  • Diagnosing and treating chronic asthma/allergies and acute symptoms
  • Treatment of acute respiratory conditions like asthma attack and bronchiolitis in office
  • Discounted pricing for nebulizers and accessories for patients who need at-home treatments
  • Coordination with school/camp nursing teams on care away from home