Newborns & Baby's First Year

Newborns & Baby's First Year

Dr Eileen Shi Las Vegas pediatrician

My approach to newborns & expecting moms

This is an exciting time as you transition to one of the most demanding yet rewarding roles as a new parent.

We hope to help you navigate this special time including diaper rashes, normal newborn skin care routine, feeding challenges, and everything in between that no one prepares you for as a new parent. So much to learn to care for this new tiny human!

Dr Eileen Shi

Learn the basics of newborn and baby care.


Guidance for common challenges such as colic and infant sleep.


Know what to expect in the first year as baby grows.

Las Vegas pediatric care for newborns as they grow.

  • assess baby's growth and weight gain
  • assess mommy and baby transitions to support this crucial times
  • breastfeeding support and guidance on how to ensure your baby is thriving in the first months
  • address questions from new parents
  • help create a plan of action and care when there is something that is concerning about your baby's health