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Pediatric Care Membership Membership Packages

Las Vegas Pediatrician Dr. Eileen Shi

Pediatric Care Membership Packages

Are you tired of long office waits, rushed visits, and a revolving cast of Pediatricians who don't know your child or take the time to truly listen to your questions?

When you become a member of Little Roots Pediatrics you are choosing a model of care designed to foster the family-pediatrician relationship you crave.

We are a membership-based pediatric practice providing one-on-one attention and care to our patients and families.  We believe that the best care comes from having direct, open communication between you and your doctor.

A new model of Las Vegas pediatric care:

Over 14 years of practice I felt stuck in a broken medical system where quantity takes precedence over quality. I knew something had to change.

Unfortunately for many parents, it's becoming increasingly isolating and difficult to get the care your child needs due to an inefficient healthcare system. we know the challenges and how to help you navigate them so that you don't get lost and feel overwhelmed.

Perhaps your toddler has been struggling with picky eating for years, and at your child's annual visit, you were told to offer more vegetables and come back next year.  Or your child was diagnosed with inattention at school and you were told to see a child psychologist but the referred specialist doesn't take your insurance and there's a long waitlist. Sounds familiar?

I opened Little Roots to offer a place where families can experience compassionate and preventative medicine.

Attaining sustainable health is not so much from going to doctor visits but from what you do outside of the clinic. For our members, we provide child-centered care delivered with a careful and thorough assessment of your child's health history, as well as the social and emotional support of the family that plays an integral role in holistic health.

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Longer pediatric visits, easier access, and through follow-up.

The Direct Care membership model of pediatrics allows doctors to care for a smaller panel of patients without fee-for-service limitations.

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All your questions answered, and your concerns heard and valued.

I find the most impactful pediatric care happens when we take time together. I value direct, open conversations. I want to know what is working (and what's not) and understand all the surrounding factors that may be contributing.

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Have absolute confidence that your child's doctor truly knows them.

The strong relationships I build with the families in my care mean that you can truly trust that my medical advice is coming from a place of understanding and thorough evaluation.

Discover a holistic and integrative approach to your child's healthcare.

Pediatric care is more than just sick visits and routine sports physicals.  We are here to help you do the hard work of parenting, from potty training to connecting with your child, to being empowered to make the right health decisions for your child.

Enjoy these benefits of holistic concierge pediatric care:

  • Direct access to your doctor anytime via phone, text, email, video-call with our HIPAA-compliant app
  • All routine well-child visits and vaccines
  • Unlimited sick visits (acute and chronic)
  • Care that addresses not only the symptoms but also the prevention of illness
  • Virtual visits same-day/next-day, and remote care while you’re away traveling
  • Care packages that allow collaborative work with professionals to address sleep training, nutritional/gut assessment, ADHD, nutrition planning, parenting coaching, potty training, and picky eating.
  • School, camp, sports physical forms, sick/FMLA forms
  • Comprehensive care including coordination of care with other specialists, follow-up visits, etc.
  • Member-exclusive prices for procedures done at office (ear piercing, common bacterial and viral infections for at-point testing, and functional medicine testing)
  • House calls at your request with a surcharge to assess the care needs of your child at home.

and say goodbye to...

Crowded waiting rooms filled with other sick kids, rushed visits with your pediatrician, insurance hassles and surprise fees, and the list of questions you never had time to ask...

Alani Ergina
April 26, 2023

As first time parents, Dr. Shi is everything you could ever ask for. She’s great at communicating, educating and most of all caring for your little one! She takes the time to understand your concerns and builds trust. As most places often become only transactional, Dr. Shi and her practice truly care for their families. It’s above what all health care facilities should be! Would recommend over and over again.

March 5, 2023

Dr. Shi has been very helpful and knowledgeable whenever we have questions or concerns about our baby, even after hours.

March 1, 2023

Best pediatrician hands down !! dr shi very patient ,loving and caring ..I'm very thankful for her when I bring my daughter to see her ..she's not just trying to prescribe her something without getting to the ROOT cause of the problem! And I appreciate that!! I love the fact were not waiting long to see her when we have an appointment !! And its always so clean and sanitized. I mean I can go on and on.She just one of the best and worth every cent !! Thanks dr shi

Melanie Yang
February 19, 2023

Our family was referred to Dr. Shi by another doctor. We love how accessible Dr. Shi is. She is very thorough and kind. Whenever we have questions or concerns she’s just a text message away. Thank you Dr. Shi!