Nutrition & Gut Health for Children

Nutrition & Gut Health for Children

Dr Eileen Shi Las Vegas pediatrician

My approach to child nutrition & gut health:

Your baby/child’s gut health plays a large roll in her overall wellness. From the best nutrition tips to key supplements like probiotics and microbiome balancing that optimize gut health, at Little Roots Pediatrics we believe that food is medicine.

The best health outcomes are inseparable from good nutrition and gut health. At Little Roots, we believe in empowering families and our young patients with an understanding of their nutritional roadmap and how to reach their health goals. We acknowledge that by healing the gut through food and nutrition, we can lower your body’s inflammation which translates into reducing symptoms from many chronic conditions, from childhood asthma, allergies, dermatitis and behavioral concerns.

It is more than just what we eat, but how we support the gut environment to allow for optimal synthesis and absorption to lay the groundwork for lasting health.

Dr Eileen Shi

Understand the basics of childhood nutrition so you can feel confident feeding your child.


Holistic guidance on when to start solids, navigating picky eaters, food allergies and more...


Childhood weight management, nutrition assessments, & supporting gut health.

Las Vegas childhood nutrition and weight management support.

  • Assessing your current nutritional intake, determine any areas of deficiencies
  • Assessing overall gut health-digestion, absorption, tolerance, sensitivities vs allergies
  • Achieving a balance of nutrients and help determining what they look like
  • Bridging the gap between knowledge and application
  • Cultivating a healthy relationship with food and body image