Pediatric Specialty Areas

We are continually developing new parent resources for our pediatric specialty areas. If you are ready to learn more with a meet & greet with Dr. Shi, reach out today!

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pediatric healthcare

Well Child Pediatric Care

A lot of love and care goes behind the scenes for a healthy, thriving child. A healthy child is more than meeting developmental milestones of speech, gross motor, fine motor and social skills. In assessing wellness, we dive also into nutrition, daily routines, bedtime and sleep quality, and activities that help a child feel secure and curious to grow.

Newborns & Baby's First Year

This is an exciting time as you transition to one of the most demanding yet rewarding roles as a new parent. We hope to help you navigate this special time from diaper rashes, normal skin care routine, feeding challenges, and everything in between that no one prepares you for as a new parent.

Nutrition and Gut Health

Your baby/child’s gut health plays a large roll in her overall wellness. From the best nutrition tips to key supplements like probiotics and microbiome balancing that optimizes gut health, we believe that food is medicine.

Childhood Asthma & Allergies

In pediatrics, cough and runny nose are the bread-and-butter of daily challenges. However, not all coughs are asthma. Seasonal allergies, reflux, and even exercise can play a role. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of asthma, reactive airway that will help you navigate the causes and triggers of common respiratory conditions and acute viral colds.

Conscious Parenting Resources

This is by far one of the most rewarding part of being a pediatrician, getting to witness empowered parents who are engaged in their child’s growth and young life. There is no one size fits all, but parenting by being aware and invested in your child’s evolution. Parenting consciously also requires adaptability, flexibility, and the willingness to meet your child where he or she is.

On the blog...

Along with all the fantastic parent resources you'll find here on my specialty areas, the blog has plenty of helpful tips on everything from sun safety for babies to guidance on ADHD.