Behavioral Therapy for ADHD

doctor talking with a young boy and his parents during a therapy session

Aside from medications and non-stimulants, there are many modalities of therapy and treatment for children with ADHD. Treating each child should always be a joint decision amongst the child, the family, and the clinician.  When considering how to treat ADHD, one must consider all the treatment options and what works best for the individual child and family.

Treatment Recommendations for Children with ADHD (American Academy of Pediatrics)

  • Under 6 years of age: The first line of treatment is behavior management.
  • 6 years of age and older: Combination treatment with behavioral therapy and medications, along with parent and adolescent training in behavior modifications, and academic provisions

How does Behavioral Therapy help ADHD?

Behavioral Therapy targets strengthening positive behaviors and discouraging disruptive and problematic behaviors.

Parents learn skills and strategies to help their child with ADHD succeed at school, at home and in interpersonal relationships. In training parents learn to use positive reinforcement, structure, consistent discipline, positive communication skills, keep regular monitoring of progress and learn to adjust strategies as needed.

Child behavioral therapy uses cognitive-behavior methods to change the thoughts and emotions that can affect a child’s behavior negatively. The child learns to evaluate and reason whether feelings or thoughts are distorted, or illogical by being aware of their thoughts and feelings. With better recognition, the child can then better regulate one’s behaviors in day-to-day situations.

ADHD in the Classroom

ADHD in the classroom can lead to many obstacles keeping your child from performing at his best. Dr. Eileen takes a detailed history of your child’s achievement in academics and home to help you formulate a comprehensive roadmap to navigating the challenges to getting the special academic provisions and help your child would need.

Dr. Eileen Shi

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